Productivity+ Series™ Batteries for
Barcode Scanners & Mobile Devices

When productivity depends on the performance of your mobile devices, don’t take chances with your batteries. Mid-shift battery failures result in device downtime and unplanned work stoppages, costing your company time and money.

Research shows that companies lose at least 5 minutes of productivity every time a battery is changed mid-shift. How do you calculate the cost of device downtime? Here’s an example of those costs:

  • 5,000 devices in operation
  • 5,000 devices x 1 battery failure each = 5,000 mid-shift failures per day
  • 5,000 mid-shift failures x 5 minutes each = 416 hours lost each day
  • 416 hours/day x $9.00/hour = $3,744.00 per day
  • $3,744.00 x 360 days = $1,347,840 PER YEAR in lost productivity

The solution: IPT Productivity+ Series™

With IPT’s Productivity+ Series™ batteries, your scanners run longer – reducing those costly delays…improving productivity…and reducing overall battery costs.

We design and manufacture Productivity+ Series™ batteries for the most popular devices, including Motorola, Symbol, Intermec, Honeywell, LXE, Zebra, O’Neil and Vocollect. We also manufacture chargers to keep your batteries powered and your mobile devices running. Our products are guaranteed to be 100% compatible with your OEM scanner devices.


IPT Productivity+ Series™

The IPT-MC9000-Li is a direct replacement battery for Motorola MC9060, MC9090 and MC9190 models. Designed and manufactured by IPT, the IPT-MC9000-Li offers significant advantages over the OEM battery. In a test conducted by an IPT customer, the IPT-MC9000-Li delivered 490 minutes of operational time – a 154 minute or 50.3% productivity advantage over the Motorola battery.

IPT Productivity+ Series™

The IPT-MC75-Li is a direct replacement lithium ion battery for Motorola MC70 and MC75 models. It is designed and manufactured by IPT to deliver longer run times than the OEM battery, to increase mobile workforce productivity and decrease device downtime. The IPT-MC75-Li is backed by an industry-leading 12 month warranty.

IPT Productivity+ Series™
IPT-WT4090-Li Standard and Extended Batteries

The IPT-WT4090-Li is a direct replacement battery for the Motorola/Symbol WT4090 device. Designed and manufactured by IPT, the IPT-WT4090-Li offers increases in capacity over the OEM batteries, resulting in longer run times and increased reliability.

IPT Productivity+ Series™

The IPT-CN50-Li is a direct replacement lithium ion battery for the Intermec CN50 device. It is designed and manufactured by IPT using the highest quality cells, components and safety circuitry. It delivers longer run times than the OEM battery, a hallmark of IPT’s Productivity+ Series, together with the most rigorous quality control testing in the industry.

IPT Productivity+ Series™

The IPT-T5-Li is a direct replacement battery for the Vocollect T5 device. Designed and manufactured by IPT, it is a lithium ion battery with a 5200mAh capacity, more than 10% higher than the OEM capacity. The IPT-T5-Li improves productivity and lowers costs, by reducing down time with longer run times.

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